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Access to Pre-recorded & Live web sessions with step by step daily guide for a perfect preschool experience

Interesting Learning Resource Kit to stir curiosity and inquisitiveness

Daily & Monthly engagement activities to promote children’s interest in learning through play

Interactive student-teacher sessions for each child to stay connected to a classroom environment

Simple to follow every day, you’ll have access to our age-appropriate preschool curriculum, which includes both print and digital content

Personal attention from teachers to ensure that each child is engaged productively and enjoys this process of learning

Access to the Elly Web Application – your one-stop to all the learning material with step by step directions for parents to seamlessly integrate preschool at home

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We go beyond academics, focusing equally on festival celebrations, social skills events, and our periodic parent webinars, resulting in the close-knit community we are proud of

We are committed to creating a well-articulated and disciplined early home education system.

began as a preschool concept that was meant to perform best in a homeschool context, owing to the growing awareness, acceptability, and demand for homeschool preschools. is recognized as a developmentally enriching learning space, making learning fun for 1.5 to 5.5 year olds at the comfort and safety of their Homes.

If this happens to be your first year of home-schooling, you honestly couldn’t have begun at a better time!

Our Journey

is the result of 15 plus years of experience in early education and satisfaction of 4,00,000 children and parents across the globe. From a humble start in 2004, our early education and pre school institutions have now grown in leaps and bounds to include close to 130+ centers all over India, and overseas footprints in Seattle (USA) & Kathmandu (Nepal), addressing the early learning requirements of more than 7000 children every year.


Cities Across the Globe


Satisfied Parents and Children Till Date


Children Nurtured every year


Years of Experience


Satisfied Parents and Children Till Date


Children Nurtured every year


Cities Across the Globe


Years of Experience

We Learning With Them

Meet Your Learning Buddies

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is centered on assisting children in becoming self-sufficient, responsible, and self-assured. Our teachers use a Montessori, Waldorf, and Playway inspired approach to cover all aspects of growth, including social, emotional, and physical.
We look forward to engaging in an “active learning” process with your child to help them gain the knowledge and abilities they’ll need in all subject areas.

Emotional &
Social progress

Emotional & social progress is vital for kids as they help them with ongoing relationships with peers & adults, build positive self-esteem, resolve conflicts, and establish an optimistic attitude towards life

Language & Literacy Progress

Children’s language abilities increase as they learn to communicate, listen, read, discern between word meanings, and identify the sounds that each letter makes

Cognitive & Mathematical progress

Mathematics is about creating a foundation in the form of recognising numbers, forms, and addition and subtraction rules, while cognitive advancement helps kids develop attention and critical thinking

Art and

Participation in art & musical activities is essential for children to explore their hidden talents, develop a hobby, discover the power of creation or simply have fun!

Approach to Learning

This domain deals with children’s learning styles. We consider the child’s attitude toward learning as well as their willingness to learn. Curiosity, problem-solving, retaining attention, and persistence are all reflected in this area

Life Skills

Teaching a child life skills is beneficial not just for self-care and self-sufficiency, but also for empowerment, sociability, and reasoning, and thus for the development of healthy self-esteem

Physical Progress

Physical development is aimed ar providing kids with an awareness of his or her body movements & its effects. It also covers the growth of delicate muscles & sensory mechanism

Explore & Learn (EVS)

EVS learning provides an opportunity for children to explore, investigate and develop an understanding of the natural, human, social and cultural dimensions of the local and wider environments

  knows that putting your child first, matters. Education need not be confined to a classroom and joyful learning can start right at home

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Why Elly At Home

When Learning Is Effortless For A Child Is When It Is Most Effective!

Well-curated Curriculum

Our curriculum is a wonderful blend of Montessori and Waldorf learning methodologies, resulting in a well-balanced programme

Rich experience

We're more than simply a website! Elly@Home is the culmination of over 15 years of experience in the field of child education

Integrated Resource Kit

The integrated early learning kit includes age-appropriate books and tools that make learning fun for kids

Web application

Your one stop assistant that provides access to all learning material with step by step directions for parents to make their home preschool experience better

Education mentors

Our teachers are well equipped with adequate training and tools to conduct online classes while maintaining the personal touch of a traditional classroom.

Beyond academics

We feel that education is more than just academics, thus we make a point of celebrating events, virtual festivals, and activities on a regular basis

Parenting tips

We're in this together! Our webinars, blogs, & social media posts are just a few means to connect with parents and help them evolve in their parenting journey

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Our chain of preschools at 130+ locations in India, Nepal & USA

The best day care center in Bangalore, trusted by hundreds of parents

Ranked No1. amongst India's TOP CBSE schools

Teacher training programs best suited to the needs of today's children

Awarded for Educational Excellence by Reputed Institutions


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