A new way to Homeschool Preschool

It becomes pivotal to keep in mind that the work of a pre-schooler is to PLAY. What primarily works as an advantage is that at home, playing and learning can be integrated extremely closely and organically thus rarely making children realise where one ends and the other begins.

Elly@Home is here to provide little ones with the opportunity to obtain and benefit from a programme to facilitate truly well-rounded development and also empower them to unleash their full potential. We have taken it upon us to ensure that every child grows not only as a successful child but more importantly a happy child.

If this happens to be your first year of home-schooling, you honestly couldn’t have begun at a better time. Welcome to having a hands-on, simple-to-follow curriculum for teaching your children at home.

Early childhood education

Children benefit from an early education in nearly exponential ways. Preschool-aged children need stimuli, encouragement, and structure. We’ve all heard about how kids thrive off routine, and the same can be said for early education. At this age, their minds are natural sponges — they absorb everything! A study has shown the very real differences between the success of adults who attended a preschool program as children versus those who did not. With a preschool curriculum, our goals are to replicate this experience at home.

Our Program

Elly@Home was conceptualised and developed over many years as a medium of teaching young children. It is based on Howard Gardner’s, ‘Multiples Intelligences Theory’ which when translated into a program is easy to follow. Each year of the program has 9 thematic units which is spread across 32 weeks comprising of alphabet letters and numbers. With every Early Learning Program (ELP), you will also find a ‘Parent Guide’ – primarily aiming at simplifying and giving necessary insight on the nitty-gritties of how the program works. You will also find Weekly Overviews and Lesson Plans which have been written and scripted in a way to bring out the teacher in you in the best possible way for your child. We have incorporated a structure i.e. each day follows a pattern. There’s planning: every day is planned for you. There’s a sequence: these are not random activities. Participation in these activities help in the growth of skill and development of your child. These activities are highly engaging, easy to set up and use minimal supplies and best of all, they’re packed with learning!

Our Unique Features

Read, Look, Listen and Do

Elly@Home follows a clear line of progression when it comes to activities : Read, Look, Listen and Do. This program has a clear scope and sequence. We believe that such a sequence with respect to themes and activities is of great importance to not only create uniformity but essentially to promote a sense of clarity. All the themes and activities are thus sequenced and built in their complexity consequently as your child ages. These can never be random activities set at random points of time but are well thought through to achieve a purpose.

Growing with your child

One of the most unique features of Elly@Home is that the lessons grow subsequently as your child grows. Such an evolvement in the program becomes a growing necessity quite literally! For example, math activities in ELP 1 focus on numbers 1-5. In ELP 2 the focus is on numbers 1-12. The following year, they’re counting groups of 20 and joining numbers together. We recognise the importance of such evolvement to build and strengthen salient concepts and well as raise and gravitate a child’s interests towards them.


Client Photo
Arjun Nathan Parent, Little Elly Pallavaram

One of the best and the safest preschools and day care centres in and around pallavaram. A great learning experience for the kids including good ventilated space, play area, kind staff, hygienic environment nominal and fee easy to access. I will suggest this little Elly pallavaram to others.

Client Photo
Manisa Mund Parent, Little Elly Ananth Nagar

Our search for a good play school ended here. The best play school I can say. Centre head Diana mam doing great job. She is very polite to kids and has the great management skills also the teachers and staffs are very well behaved both to kids and parents. They know how to settle a new school going kid. We are very happy for it. My son enjoys going to school everyday.

Client Photo
Geetha & Sanju Parents, Little Elly Frazer Town

Very caring environment..!! My child enjoys going to school. As a parent I have found the staffs are friendly and approachable. Fantastic teachers as specially Mrs. Usha Mathew.I wish you all the very best..!! And I highly recommend this school – Frazertown branch..!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Elly @Home is a home-school preschool program designed primarily to abide by the new norm. We provide a simple preschool curriculum for parents who wish to have a blueprint with respect to what to do with their kids. Hence, no more worrying that the kids aren’t learning.

A Parent is a Child’s First Teacher!

Home-schooling is one of the most interesting consequences of the COVID-19 crisis as the safety of children is number 1 on every parents’ priority list. Elly@Home will help you be an empowered teacher in the learning that happens every day!

We at Elly take our job to spark a lifetime love for learning very seriously. Products in a Box give very basic alternatives to Home-schooling with minimal activity sheets and books. Elly@Home provides a research-based approach to learning where along with curriculum resources we also offer support with a Web App, Mobile App and Periodic online orientations on Teaching / Parenting skills. A blended learning for the new age children is just a click away!

The early years, especially the first five years of a child’s life are very important for brain development. While physical development is dependent on the nurturing of the parent other development such as pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills if missed out in the foundation years will have an adverse effect on academic preparation for future.

We have 3 variations/options here at Elly@Home

PAT (Parent as Teacher) -This is one of the most affordable modules ideal for Housewives who are passionate about teaching their children. Along with comprehensive home learning resource kits, parents are given access to a Web App and companion App with weekly instructions.

TAM (Teacher assisted module) -Under this module there is a committed virtual teacher to help the parent on a daily basis. This is ideal for parents who are in a work from home (WFH) situation. Little bit of parental help is required while the virtual learning session is in progress. TAM can also be offered at places where we don’t have Little Elly centres. Hence, a teacher in Bangalore can support an admission in Dharwad or Hyderabad or in US.

FAM (Franchise assisted module) – This is a Blended learning model where parents are provided with a Home learning Kit and virtual sessions by dedicated teachers from the franchisee conducted on a daily basis. Parents will continuously get counselling and help from the respective franchisee and also have the option of attending regular school, when the situation gets normal. This module is suggested for children who have priorly attended the earlier year in preschool.

   It won’t be difficult for Elly@Home child to enter formal school.  Homeschool curriculum at Elly @Home is developed by one of the most admired Preschool Education brands with more than 15 years of experience in Preschool. We have diligently covered all aspects of a child’s developmental milestones and academic expectations. This will help prepare the child for formal education for grade 1.

Elly@Home is for parents of children from 1 year through to the age of 5 years. It is our intent to provide your child with the best opportunities possible to have truly well – rounded capabilities and above all, to be happy.  We have planned activities and experiences that will allow the children to express in many ways. This dynamic approach is based on the theory of multiple intelligences, developed by Dr. Howard Gardner, a renowned psychologist at Harvard University.