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When you join Elly@home, you’re joining a family. We believe that early learning and development extends far beyond the walls of a physical school and that this is especially true in the face of the epidemic. That’s why we have taken great care to build strong and positive relationships with young parents. By working together, our children and Elly have begun to blossom into favorites.

Our child-centered development programs are based on 15+ years of expertise and a comprehensive understanding of teaching methods. Our award-winning (CAP learning) approach, which stands for Child-centered, Autonomous, and Paced learning, prioritises the child, with the message that all children deserve an education that allows them to reach their full potential

Elly@Home is a modified version of the Little Elly curriculum with changes made to work best in a home setting. Little Elly is a developmentally enriched learning environment that makes learning pleasant for children aged 2 to 5. Mr. Vittal and Mrs. Preeti Bhandary conceptualized and established Little Elly Preschool in 2004. Mrs. Preeti set out to launch Little Elly by combining her broad expertise as a kindergarten teacher with her passion for teaching in novel and distinctive ways. From that modest Preschool in 2004, the preschools have grown to include up to 130+ centres around the country, as well as international footprints in Seattle (USA) and Kathmandu (Nepal).

Academics & Curriculum

We offer Live Demo sessions and Recorded Demo sessions for parents to assess which program/module will best suit their child

With the curriculum design, Elly@Home programs are best prepared for 9 months. However, the beauty of this program and our involvement is that Elly@Home will work around this curriculum and timetable to ensure that your kid is progressing at his or her own pace

Even before birth, children are connected to their parents first. Their early growth & learning is shaped through their relationships with their parents, who are a child’s first and most influential educators.
Elly@Home programs are purpose-planned to ensure children get the optimum stimulation to actively engage in an online learning experience. We nurture and encourage our children to participate and explore, and to extend their full range of skills in preparation for formal schooling.
A planned, easy-to-follow curriculum is made available to each parent. We also supply the ideal materials to ensure the program's success. We've got you covered, whether it's physical (the Elly Resource Kit) or digital (videos for reinforcing and introducing concepts, audio podcasts to improve listening skills, and a series of interactive exercises to encourage social skills).

We've had some children join us quite early, and in those cases, we space out the program to keep them engaged throughout the school year. There have also been cases where children have only stayed with us for three months. We make it a point to move at the pace that is most appropriate for each child.

If you believe that daily live sessions would work best for your child, you can opt for our PLATINUM learning module. This module consists of daily live sessions with a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8 or 1:12 depending on the age of your child. A dedicated teacher will engage your child daily. Your child will also be able to interact with other children of the same age, make friends, and participate in numerous events throughout the year.

If your child has missed a year because of covid, one can take the admission for the age-appropriate class and we will bridge the gap by revising certain key topics from the previous year and settle the child for the current year

If the offline classes start then you will have an option to move to physical school (provided that there is a Little Elly center near you) or an option to continue with the online classes/program

For PG & Nursery, yes because the children are quite young. The parent needs to sit next to the child and guide the child through the session as per the instructions of the teacher

For LKG and UKG the parent needs to sit with the child initially till the child settles and then slowly move away and let the child become independent


Playgroup age eligibility is 1.5 yrs to 2.5 yrs by May 31st

Nursery age eligibility is 2.5 yrs to 3 yrs by May 31st

LKG age eligibility is 3.5 to 4.5 yrs by May 31st

UKG age eligibility is 4.5 to 5.5 yrs by May 31st



Three developmental trackers will be given to the parents. Parents are also providing input on their child's motor skills, writing ability, and other areas of development. Because it is a virtual class, this, along with the observations of the teacher, is critical. An Achievement Report card (a physical copy is couriered to your home) and a certificate of completion is delivered at the conclusion of the year


Elly@Home web app is absolutely user-friendly. Once you get the login credentials, one has to just log into the web app and join the online class or access the curriculum and various other resources provided

The Elly Web App was designed to be extremely user-friendly, structured, and uncomplicated. In the rare occurrence of being faced with any challenges, an email can be sent to Our team will then get back to you within 24 hours and resolve the issue.

The Elly@Home Kit includes age-appropriate materials for implementing the preschool program that is most suited not only to your child's age but also to his or her learning style.

The contents/material in each kit will vary depending on the age/program, but all kits will include exclusive Elly Books to introduce ideas of numeracy, alphabet, language, and writing (fine motor skills), as well as Flash Cards, Posters, and other entertaining tools. The program has also been intended to make use of materials that are currently available at home in order to carry out enjoyable activity-based learning.

No, the sessions will not be recorded since we do not want to jeopardise our children's privacy in any manner. However, if you miss a session, the Elly Web App will save the day. The online app gives you access to the complete curriculum, allowing you to rapidly review topics you may have missed as well as watch and listen to pertinent videos and audio. We'll even provide you access to recordings of essential topics from each level

Enrolment & payments

Online payments of all kinds are available. Enrollment happens directly on our website

We have three different modules that are available:

Our Silver module is Rs. 11950 for the whole academic year - Check discounted price on the pricing section on website

Our Gold module is Rs. 24950 for the whole academic year - Check discounted price on the pricing section on website

Our Platinum module is Rs. 45950 for the whole academic year (not available for Playgroup) - Check discounted price on the pricing section on website

* You have the option to pay in easy instalments or avail discounts on annual payments (please refer to our pricing section on the website for details). Here is the link for the same or speak with our early learning counselor.

What is most important for us at Elly@Home is that the program you choose is the BEST program for your child. Our team is here to ensure that experience and it is our top priority. In case you don’t feel satisfied by the program by any chance you may Cancel your subscription or request for a refund. Please find our refund policy here.

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