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Age Recommendation LKG Online Classes : 3.5+ Years

By now, kids have gained significant knowledge about themselves and their surroundings. The LKG program combines tools and techniques in order to enhance the cognitive development of children

Approach to Learning

This domain will deal with children’s learning styles. We will take into account the child’s attitude toward learning and his or her desire to study. Curiosity, problem-solving, retaining attention, and persistence are all reflected in this area

  • Self awareness

    Will get focused and attentive while actively participating in the online class discussion
    Will demonstrate initiative and increasing independence
    Will be able to show flexibility when adapting to changes in routines and situations
    Will be encouraged to use imagination to try new ways of doing things and work with materials in creative ways

  • Self-Help skills

    Be able to say full name, address and phone number
    Make an emergency call
    Perform simple cleaning chores like setting the snack box and throw away the trash after meals
    Be able to brush teeth, wash hands and face without help
    Be able to dress self and comb hair independently
    Will learn to be gentle and polite in all interactions

Life Skills

Teaching a child life skills is beneficial not just for self-care and self-sufficiency, but also for empowerment, sociability, and reasoning, and thus for the development of healthy self-esteem

Physical Progress

Physical components of development provide a child with an awareness of his or her body in space, how it moves, and the effects these motions have on the surroundings. It also covers the development and growth of delicate muscles

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  • Gross Motor skills

    Able to run with agility and speed
    Able to skip, hop and jump correctly
    Able to walk up and down stairs without support
    Able to throw, kick, bounce and catch a ball using the whole body

  • Fine Motor skills

    Open Ziplock bags, containers and snack boxes
    Use playdough to make balls, snakes, cookies, etc.
    Use drawing and painting tools with efficiency
    Use scissors effectively and cut roughly around pictures
    Copy some shapes and trace lines
    Develop correct grip strength and pencil grip
    Zip a jacket, button and unbutton correctly

  • Talking, listening & understanding

    Communication in English will be approximately 90% intelligible
    Will understand and follow instructions with more than 2 steps
    Express in words and short sentences in English
    Will know the similar words & meaning in English & Mother tongue
    Identify the name and sounds of letters in order and randomly as well
    Recite rhymes
    Narrate parts of stories
    Trace patterns and independently write the small and capital letters from A to Z
    Identify the initial sounds of words
    Name and make 2 letter words
    Look at books or pictures on their own
    Read books by reading the pictures

Language Readiness

Children will be able to distinguish between the sounds that each letter makes and the subtle differences in word meanings

Mathematics Readiness

Mathematics is all about learning the fundamentals and laying a strong foundation. Children are taught to count and recognize numbers, forms, and their characteristics, add and subtract numbers, and complete patterns

  • Understanding numbers

    Match an object to the corresponding number and recognize that numbers are symbols to represent a quantity (1:1 correspondence)
    Copy a repeating pattern (actions, sound, colour, size, shape) and describe it
    Count with a variety of materials
    Know how to represent numbers in words (number names)
    Sort objects according to a number of different attributes
    Recognize shapes in the real world
    Compare and contrast using classifications like size, height, weight, capacity, position, distance or gender
    Solve simple addition and subtraction problems using objects
    Count reliably with numbers from 1 to 20, place them in order and say which number is one more or one less than a given number
    Recognize some 3D shapes
    Understanding the concept of time and the order of daily activities, like breakfast in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, and dinner at night

  • Connecting to the world around

    Recognize many of the basic custom and traditional festivals
    Understand that people live in different parts of the world and have different customs and traditional festivals
    Know some facts about plants and animals
    Enjoy exploring science and technology, learning how things work and why
    Talk about the world they live in, traveling further into space and beyond
    Discover new and wonderful things about self and how to communicate with people around

Explore & Learn (EVS)

EVS learning provides an opportunity for children to explore, investigate and develop an understanding of the natural, human, social and cultural dimensions of the local and wider environments

Art and Music

Participation in art & musical activities is essential for children to explore their hidden talents, develop a hobby or just have fun!

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  • Participation in musical activities

    Sing an entire song with accurate pitch
    Match the beat when singing with others
    Move the body in time to the music

  • Participation in art activities

    Develop better control on the hand and wrist movements
    Make some forms, objects and name the drawings
    Colour within the lines

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