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Age Recommendation For Nursery Classes : 2.5+ Years

At this age, children are a powerhouse of energy. Their observation skills help them create their own universe. Our Nursery curriculum is a fine blend of knowledge, creativity and skill development that helps children discover the world around them.

Emotional Progress

Emotional progress is important as it helps with ongoing relationships with peers and adults as well as positive self-esteem

  • Personality Development

    Able to recognize and regulate his /her emotions
    Exhibit self–esteem and recognizes his/her abilities
    Will hold a positive attitude towards learning such as persistence, engagement, and curiosity

  • Self-Help skills

    Able to dress and undress self
    Able to brush teeth independently
    Feeds self without difficulty
    Understand common dangers of hot objects, stairs, glass etc.

  • Self Esteem

    Say his/ her name and age
    Able to ask questions verbally and non-verbally
    Answer simple questions
    Recite simple rhymes

Social Progress

Social progress is vital as it helps children resolve conflict, helps them establish a positive attitude and strengthen language, and communication skills

Language and Literacy Progress


Language and literacy skills include learning to talk, listen and read

Children who do not speak the English language or children who speak in their native dialect will develop at a different pace than those who speak the English language at home

  • Talking & Listening

    Say his/ her name and age
    Able to ask questions verbally and non-verbally
    Answer simple questions
    Recite simple rhymes

  • Reading

    Hold a book properly and turn pages
    Exhibit an interest in books and literacy
    Identify upper case letters
    Identify lower case letters

  • Concept of numbers and number operations

    Count objects
    Recognize numerals
    Match objects one-to-one
    Makes sets with objects
    Identify and create patterns (AB / ABC) in their environment.
    Describe and determine the quantity and ordinal number and position.

  • Shapes

    Recognize, Name & Reproduce basic shapes

  • Colours

    Identify primary and some secondary colours

Cognitive Progress

Cognitive progress is the building block of learning. Skills such as attention, memory, and critical thinking, are the areas considered in this category


PlayGroup Curriculum

Physical Progress

Physical development is linked to other areas of development such as cognitive thinking, sensory development, and social progress.


  • Gross Motor skills

    Balance on : Right foot / Left foot
    Hop on : One foot / Two feet
    Throw a ball forward
    Kick a ball forward

  • Fine Motor skills

    Trace lines accurately
    Exhibit greater control of the arms, hands, and fingers along with good eye-hand coordination

  • Participation in musical activities

    Identify familiar tunes
    Move body in response to rhythmic sounds
    Sing short phrases up to entire songs with correct lyrics

  • Participation in art activities

    Use pencil and crayons with control
    Understand that pictures represent something in real life
    Improve concentration and time into their art activities

Art and Music

Participation in art & musical activities is essential for children to explore their hidden talents, develop a hobby or just have fun!

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