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Age Recommendation For UKG Online Classes: 4.5+ Years

A deeper sense of self and an intelligence waiting to be unleashed is a sign of immense potential for kids. Their discovery of new skills is our opportunity to ensure that they get the best of knowledge and education with our UKG curriculum.

Approach to Learning

This domain will addresses how children will learn. We will consider the child’s attitude and interest in learning. This domain also reflects behaviours such as curiosity, problem solving, maintaining attention and persistence.

  • Self awareness

    Learn to be focused, attentive and actively participate in a wide variety of activities
    Learn to choose different ways to explore the environment based on past experience.

  • Self-Help skills

    Will say full name, address and phone number
    Able to make an emergency call
    Learn to prepare a simple sandwich and pour juice into the glass
    Learn to brush teeth, wash hands and face without help
    Learn to dress self and put on and take off shoes
    Learn to fold some of the clothes
    Know how to measure time
    Learn to be gentle and polite in all interactions
    Perform simple cleaning chores like setting the snack box and throw away the trash after meals

Life Skills

Teaching a child life skills is beneficial not just for self-care and self-sufficiency, but also for empowerment, sociability, and reasoning, and thus for the development of healthy self-esteem.

Physical Progress

Apart from physical growth, Physical progress shows the spatial awareness of how the child can accommodate himself/ herself in a physical space and flexibility of his/her bodily movement .

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  • Gross Motor skills

    Able to run with agility and speed
    Able to skip, hop and jump correctly
    Able to throw, kick, bounce and catch a ball using the whole body
    Will be able to jump over an object and land with both feet together

  • Fine Motor skills

    Open Ziplock bags, containers and snack boxes
    Use playdough to make a variety of objects
    Use drawing and painting tools with efficiency
    Use scissors effectively and cut along straight and curved lines
    Copy and trace basic shapes
    Develop correct grip strength and pencil grip
    Zip a jacket, button and unbutton correctly

  • Talking, listening & understanding

    Communication in English will be completely intelligible
    Aware of all the sounds that go with the different letters of the alphabet.
    Know how to blend the letters together to read simple words.
    Recognize few ‘tricky words” by sight
    Identify words that rhyme
    Recite rhymes and songs
    Make up stories or narrate stories about things that have actually happened
    Sentence structures will include five or more words
    Use the correct form of verbs to talk about past events
    Read books that match the age-appropriate level independently

Language Readiness

Children will have a thorough understanding of the sound each letter makes and understand the subtle difference in word meanings. Discover new vocabulary words, develop fluency and reading comprehension skills. Their language skills also extend in learning languages other than mother tongue

Mathematics Readiness

Mathematics is all about learning the fundamentals and laying a strong foundation. Children are taught to count and recognize numbers, forms, and their characteristics, add and subtract numbers, and complete patterns

  • Understanding numbers

    Can work independently with numbers and their application
    Know how to represent numbers in words (number names)
    Able to skip count forward by twos, fives, and tens to complete short patterns
    Identify the larger of two numbers and recognize numerals up to 100
    Name ordinal numbers first through tenth
    Count backward from 20
    Sort and classify objects using one or more attributes such as position, shape, size, color, etc.
    Recognize shapes in the real world
    Compare measurements and correctly use the terms shorter, longer, taller, heavier, warmer, more, less, etc.
    Demonstrate an understanding of positional relationships (above, below, more, less, top, bottom, before, after, middle, left, right)
    Calculate addition facts to 10 with confidence and accuracy
    Calculate subtraction facts to 10 with confidence and accuracy
    Recite the days of the week and months of the year
    Understand time-related terminology and tell time to the nearest hour

  • Connecting to the world around

    Recognize many of the basic custom and traditional festivals
    Understand that people live in different parts of the world and have different customs and traditional festivals
    Know some facts about plants and animals and compare and classify them based on physical features
    Explore science and technology, learning how things work and why
    Talk about the world we live in, travelling further into space and beyond
    Discover new and wonderful things about self and learn how to communicate with people around
    Develop an awareness of values, attitudes and skills related to protection of the environment

Explore & Learn (EVS)

EVS learning provides an opportunity for children to explore, investigate and develop an understanding of the natural, human, social and cultural dimensions of the local and wider environments

Art, Music & Physical exercise

Participation in art & musical activities is essential for children to explore their hidden talents, develop a hobby or just have fun!
Physical exercises help build strength and stamina


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  • Participation in musical activities

    Able to focus on the musical activity.
    Sing an entire song with accurate pitch Match the beat when singing with others
    Move the body in time to the music

  • Participation in art activities

    Work on the art projects with more intention and care
    A portrait of a person, with many details such as hair, hands and fingers, feet and a body will take shape
    Draw images such as animals, houses, vehicles, trees, plants, flowers and rainbows
    Develop good control when holding a pencil, crayon or paintbrush
    Create titles for the pictures created
    Able to colour within the lines

  • Participation in Physical Exercises

    Will get comfortable in doing yoga poses
    Demonstrate lot of flexibility while doing exercises

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