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With an experience of 15+ years in the early education domain, we feel that introducing home school as a regular medium of education is vital. Thus, has been built around the belief that childhood of little ones is precious and they deserve to enjoy it to the fullest.

At every stage, we provide engaging experiences within a stimulating environment that taps into the natural curiosity existing in young, inquisitive minds. Our programs are created in such a way that it is simple for children to acquire quality education, improve cognitive skills and engage in a variety of activities from the comfort of their homes.

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vision is to become a premier institution that promotes the homeschooling concept for preschoolers. We believe that teaching and learning should be a collaborative effort. Therefore, we aim to become a trusted partner for parents in the early childhood education domain.


To establish an institution that fosters strong skills and everlasting passion for learning as the child grows and imbibes in a dynamic and challenging environment

To provide each child with adequate guidance to grow individually, in a mutually accepting and nurturing environment



It is not WHAT you teach that matters; it is HOW you teach!. Based on this strong belief, we have evolved and created courses & content that strive to build a learning path for children.

Collaboration, integrity, innovation, and a desire to never stop learning are the foundations of our principles.

From the Founder’s Desk

Mr. Vittal Bhandary

Our journey began with our first preschool (Little Elly) over 17 years ago, and we grew to over 120 preschools, numerous corporate childcare tie-ups, and K-12 schools in the name of Glentree Academy by 2020. To put it simply, our team’s enormous love and enthusiasm for children inspired us to embark on this wonderful journey. Our relentless focus and concerted efforts have always been towards establishing ourselves as a safe haven of educational excellence for every child we have had the privilege of influencing.

While a significant part of this journey involved enjoying the luxury of meeting our children face-to-face, the world turned upside down in March 2020. Even with all the uncertainty, one thing was certain: school closures did not imply that learning would come to a halt! That is what inspired the creation of , a vertical that is close to my heart.

We’re not just revolutionizing the concept of homeschooling with ; we’re also ensuring that every parent has access to a fully comprehensive and accessible program to educate their child in whichever way they want. Every child is unique and we were certain that a program of this nature had to follow suit.  programs and modules have been designed after much thought, are activity-based, and are not constrained to a box in any manner.

So, let me introduce you to , our latest offering. I hope you will be able to get the most out of our programs and benefit from our 25 years of experience in the field of early childhood education.

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Mrs. Preeti Bhandary

When I think back…most of my experience of over 20 years, has comprised of interacting closely with children. I have had the opportunity to work with, learn from and collaborate with various people during this tenure. One thing we all shared, was a tremendous desire to educate young brains. This experience has taught me the value of early childhood education, which I cannot emphasize enough.

With this thought, was created. To lay a strong foundation for their brains, children require an active learning environment. A baby’s brain includes 100 billion neurons at birth. Only when these neurons grow and make connections does the brain develop, which is possible by stimulating the brain. It is a well-known fact that our brain operates on the concept of “use it or lose it.” Most brain growth stops between the ages of 5 & 6, and I am sure you agree that we can’t go back in time and relive these formative years.

The brain of a child is far more active and vigilant than that of an adult, and it is constantly learning new abilities, languages, and procedures. The first five years of a child’s existence are now widely acknowledged to be the most crucial. Because 90 percent of the brain develops during the formative years, stimulating a child’s brain is critical for brain development.

This stimulation and learning process must never cease, which is where comes in, not just as a preschool substitute, but also as a highly effective way to deliver exactly what your child requires! By striking the correct balance, we’ve developed the modules to operate best in a homeschool environment while not compromising on the social component of your child’s development. Our comprehensive physical and digital materials, together with the Rudolf Steiner and Montessori approaches, will ensure that this is the perfect start you can take in your child’s preschool journey!

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